“It is an open secret that I take money, but then which politician doesn’t. No one does for charity” an explosive Madan Mitra told ANM News in an exclusive no holds bar interview. Mitra opened up several unknown facades of his life. “I started to read Ray & Martin in class 1. English was my favorite subject”, Mitra said. Mitra admitted that he is women’s man. “Who doesn’t like to have little color in life! These things keep us going”, he added. The flamboyant, maverick politician is unfazed by CBI & ED cases against him. “If you don’t have a CBI & ED tag, you don’t graduate into a well known politician”, he mentioned. Madan seemed a little out of track from his party. “Trinamool Congress is Mamata’s party, she is the head, She decides whatever needs to be done”, said the former transport minister adding with a touch of dismay that he is the only founder member of the party who is not in any position in the government or in TMC.


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