Monisha Mondal, Kolkata: On intervening night of 10th and 11th July at about 0330 hrs, one group of approximately 25 smugglers allegedly from Bangladesh made a forcible attempt to smuggle about 10-15 cattle into Bangladesh through the area of responsibility of Border Out Post-Angrail near Bangaon, 64 Bn BSF, District 24 Parganas (North). These smugglers were equipped with country made bombs, Dahas, Hasia, Sticks, High beam torches etc. The vigilant BSF troops deployed on the International Boundary (IB) intercepted and challenged them when their suspicious movements of taking away the cattle into Bangladesh with the support of their Indian accomplices. They were observed approx.200 meter inside the Indian territory near BP NO.17/125. Smugglers dared to encircle BSF Constable Anisur Rehman who was on duty. They directed high beam light on the Constable and lobbed one powerful country made bombs with the aim to kill Ct AnisurRehman which blasted near him.Constable Rehman displayed highest level of valour, conviction towards duty and resolution to not allow the smugglers to succeed in their nefarious design and in the exercise of right to self defence and property fired one round of non-lethal PAG gun in the direction of the smugglers. Subsequently, smugglers lobbed another country made bomb towards him which blasted on his right hand. Consequently, due to blast right hand of the Jawan sustained grievous injury and one bicycle which was kept nearby was also damaged badly due to powerful blast. Many pellets of bomb also pierced in his body which have affected his lungs, liver and stomach. In the meantime, the BSF troops who were on duty in the nearby ambushes reached at the spot for assistance and found their comrade unconscious and grievously wounded. Smuggler managed to escape leaving behind cattle under cover of darkness and high growth of wild grass. Later, the Constable was evacuated to a Government Hospital in Bangaon and further shifted for specialized treatment to Medica Hospital, Kolkata. Unfortunately, right hand of the Constable has to be amputated. However, as per the intelligence report, one Bangladeshi smuggler had sustained injury but he managed to flee away to Bangladesh.


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