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A massive breach of security: sources in ECI

BY Avijit Nandi Majumdar : The unprecedented violence at Vidyasagar College has been termed as massive breach in security by top officials in ECI. ANM News have accessed information that senior officials of Election Commission have pepared a report based on information provided by the state chief electoral officer indicating that breach in security was due to inefficient handling of forces by senior officers of Kolkata police. ECI officials claimed that there were hardly any officers or forces near Vidyasagar College despite the fact that TMC supporters had gathered inside the campus with black flags. The flash point was generating but police failed to react. ECI has identified additional Police commissioner headquarters, Javed Shamim  and deputy commissioner of police central Subhankar Sinha Sarkar for their failure to depute force and take action to prevent violence. Shamim is responsible for drawing up the deployment chart of police forces in Kolkata and it was widely anticipated that if TMC supporters shout anti Shah slogans and throw stones, BJP workers will retaliate. With Shah leading a huge rally, both DC central and additional commissioner of police headquarters should have prepared more groundwork to prevent such an incident. ECI has also not absolved Kolkata police commissioner of the incident.

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