ECI declares a virtual emergency in Bengal

BY Avijit Nandi Majumdar,Editor-in-chief,ANM News:You have read it first in ANM News. Unprecedented police failure, first reported by ground zero reporters of ANM News, who braved the stones and bottles to briung out first hand knowledge about the violence in front of Vidyasagar College in College Street. Widespread condemnation of the police failure has prompted Election Commission of India to take an unprecedented step of curtailing election campaign by a day. Now election campaign for the seventh phase in Kolkata has to end by 10 PM on May 16. ECI has also taken the drastic step of relieving ADG CID Rajeev Kumar of his duty and directing him to reach Delhi and report to union home ministry by 10 AM on May 16. The home secretary of West Bengal, Atri Bhattacharjee has also been removed from his post. Election Commission of India has virtually declared an emergency in Bengal.


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