From Our Correspondent, Christchurch: Police commissioner Mike Bush mentioned that the death toll in the shootout has increased to 49 persons. He was addressing the media and Here’s a partial transcript of the Q&A with reporters.

Q: Why were these people not on a security watch list? Were they completely unknown to police?

That’s a very good question. What I want to tell you is that no agency had any information about these people, and I can also tell you that I’ve been in contact with my Australian colleagues – they have no information on them at all either. And they are assisting with our inquiries. But I can also add that part of our investigation will be to look back at every possibility to ensure that we, in law enforcement and security, didn’t miss any opportunities to prevent this horrendous event.

Q: Who carried out the shootings at Deans Avenue mosque? Was it the same person who carried out the shootings at Linwood?

Look, I would love to go into detail, but a person has been charged. For me to now go into details of who did what would not be proper.

Again, I know there is a name within the public domain, but it would be improper for me now to confirm that because a person has been charged.

Q: There was a threat on Facebook – on a Facebook page made towards the Islamic community. Are you aware that, that police had an early warning of this attack?

I’m aware of that suggestion which we’re working through at the moment. When I have absolute clarity about that, I will be sharing that.


Here’s a transcript of Bush’s opening statement:

At the Deans Avenue mosque, we now know that 41 people have lost their lives. And at the Linwood mosque, 7 have lost their lives. Of the 40 people who have been treated at Christchurch Hospital, one has now passed. So the total number of people who have died in thishorrendous event are 49.


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