AVIJIT NANDI MAJUMDAR, EDITOR IN CHIEF: Did USA President Donald Trump threaten India into relaxing the ban on export of drug hydroxychloroquine ? Opinions are divided among cross sections of people who vented their opinion in twitter throughout the day. Several persons traced back the entire press conference of President Trump to mention that no where Trump threatened Prime Minister Modi into relaxing the ban on export of the drug and ensure supply to USA. President Trump had earlier banned USA companies from exporting needed medical supplies. Several people in twitter mentioned that reporter was questioning Trump on whether other countries will retaliate against Trump’s decision and he had said that there could be retaliation. But there are equal number other vocal Indians who opined that Modi did cow down to Trump threat. Many felt that if USA needed the drug, trump should have requested instead of threatening Modi. The twitter war of perception trended throughout the day. With coronavirus cases on rise in USA, and hydroxychloroquine being the only known drug to cure the disease, USA had requested for supply. India had earlier banned export of hydroxychloroquine citing domestic needs. Modi lifted the ban and allowed the supply of drug to US and other friendly countries in need.


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